Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong– 26 Worst Star Surgical Procedure Before After Photos

Star plastic surgery Gone Wrong is a calamity for people that make their living in the limelight. Look into the 26 worst celebrity plastic surgery outcomes.

You asked us, so right here is our short article regarding 26 celebrity plastic surgery disasters gone wrong with previously after pictures. A lot of the stars were absolutely excellent in every means, however fell short plastic surgeries smashed their magnificent appearances, making them unrecognizable in many cases.

Vanity could be a dangerous thing, particularly for people who live their lives in the limelight. In the midst of culture’s fixation with appeal as well as perfection, celebrities are under unrelenting stress to look picture-perfect. Nonetheless, the quest to look like the Photoshopped versions of themselves often doesn’t end up exactly as planned, sometimes it transforms our far worse than imagined.

Keep in mind however, that plastic surgery isn’t really constantly a poor thing. Although a lot of us may cringe when the words ‘star’ and ‘cosmetic surgery’ are put together in the very same sentence, it can be an advantage. Plastic surgery can work marvels for mishap victims, melt sufferers, people with birth defects, as well as injured war experts. In some cases though, people abuse the power of this incredible medical procedure. For some, it has become a fascination and also dependency. They maintain going under the knife in trying to obtain perfection in their minds.

Celeb Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wrong

Many dependencies have negative effects, and cosmetic surgery is no various. Sure, some celebrities, like Jennifer Aniston, get away with a little nip-tuck occasionally, but for others the outcomes can be devastating.
Take a look at this listing of 26 cosmetic surgery that have gone extremely incorrect, and the previously and also after images to verify them!

1. Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Acquainted name, right? Fashion symbol Donatella Versace is the vice head of state of leading Italian fashion brand: Versace. Nonetheless, despite her prominent setting and also iconic productions that has been with the style world for years, Versace’s messed up cosmetic surgery treatments have made her rather well known.

She has obtained facelifts, lip augmentations, Botox, abdominoplasty, lipo, breast implant. These procedures functioned like a cause and effect for Versace, changing her into an unrecognizable mosaic of strange features rather than the best female she ‘d intended to be.

2. Huge Ang, Angela Raiola Plastic Surgery Failed

Large Ang, Angela Raiola Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

TV Celebrity Angela Raiola recently died as a result of multiple cancers cells. In her prime years as a celeb, she was just one of those “star cosmetic surgery gone wrong” cases.

The Mob Partners star underwent multiple treatments in her life time, such as Botox injections, lip augmentations, boob job and excessively huge breast augmentation, leaving her with a face and also body entirely various from her pre-surgery images. Needless to say, her dependency to plastic surgery really did not cause pretty results.


3. Jocelyn Wildenstein Plastic Surgery Catastrophe

Jocelyn Wildenstein Plastic Surgery Catastrophe


Jocelyn Wildenstein is a New york city City billionaire socialite that has actually obtained infamy through her separation with Alec Wildenstein in 1999, where she got 2.5 billion bucks in settlement, along with her botched plastic surgeries.

Report has it that these surgical procedures were made to get her spouse back, however proved to be unsuccessful. Jocelyn Wildenstein had procedures done on her entire face to achieve a “feline” look. Nonetheless, the freakish end result leads us to think that she is much better off without any surgical procedure at all. Could not she enjoy with just the 2.5 billion dollars?


4. Jackie Stallone Plastic Surgery Failed


Jackie Stallone Plastic Surgery Failed

One more abundant individual constantly disappointed with their looks in this list is Jackie Stallone, 94-year-old mom of Rambo celebrity Sylvester Stallone, and an astrologist and previous professional dancer.

Her addiction to cosmetic surgery that has actually started around the early 80’s has made her face droopy and also unnaturally bumpy, with her eyes, lips, as well as brows likewise misshapen. Her photos after plastic surgery reveal that you cannot run away from aging forever!

5. Pete Burns Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Pete Burns rose to fame playing the lead vocalist in 80’s band Dead Alive and later conserved popularity with his participation in Star Big Sibling UK and a solo music job.

The musician’s addiction to plastic surgery, including lip injections, nose job, cheek implants, and also cosmetic surgery to repair a messed up plastic surgery procedure, has spiraled down an an indistinguishable, deformed wax-like face. Another good-looking face spoiled by poor cosmetic surgery.

6. Michaela Romanini Plastic Surgery Failed


Michaela Romanini Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

In her prime, this Italian socialite was one of one of the most gorgeous women in the scene. Her experimentation on plastic surgery spiraled to a downright addiction.

After various treatments, primarily being Botox and also lip collagen shots, Romanini ended up being a face unparalleled to the one she possessed in her young people. Her tale mosts likely to show just exactly how celebrity’s addiction to cosmetic surgery could yield surprising plastic surgery calamities.

5. Amanda Lepore Plastic Surgery Failed

Amanda Lepore Plastic Surgery Failed

Amanda Lepore is just one of one of the most prominent transgenders in America. She is recognized for modeling, vocal singing, and also performance arts– quite a noteworthy somebody as a result of her fearlessness in these tasks.

Her list of surgeries consist of nose surgery, silicone injections, eye lifts, as well as breast enhancement, among several others– all planned making her comparable to women symbol Marilyn Monroe as well as attractive cartoon character Jessica Rabbit. Although, it’s evident that points got quite out of control.

8. Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

You could recognize this actress from a number of funny movies such as American Pie, Sharknado, and National Ridicule’s Van Wilder, along with TV programs Scrubs, Days of Our Lives, and Saved by the Bell. This used-to-be blonde bombshell went under the knife for lipo and also breast implant treatment, which all finished in disaster– breast scars as well as an irregular tummy. Still, her face still looks fantastic for a 40 something years of age.

9. Priscilla Presley Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Priscilla Presley Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Priscilla Presley is an American starlet and also the widow of late music symbol Elvis Presley. Due to her aspiration of keeping her younger appearance, Presley transformed her beautiful, all-natural face into a cosmetic surgery nightmare– irregular lips, lumpy as well as puffed up face, uneven eyes and altered eyebrows. This was brought on by numerous lip injections, Botox, face lifts, cheek implants, eyebrow lift, as well as chemical peels.

If you take a look at her images from the past, we think she could have aged beautifully and beautifully, if she had refrained surgery. What a waste.

10. Bruce Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner Cosmetic Surgery Failed

Although remarkable for her guts to find out as a woman, this Olympic champion did not make good choices when it came to modifying her appearance prior to she appeared as Caitlyn.

Years of plastic surgery created Jenner’s appearance to wear away an increasing number of, finishing with an unnaturally rigid face, too-thin lips, heavily transformed nose, and also sunken eyes that were made worse with too-thin brows, inevitably changing the good-looking Bruce Jenner into an unrecognizable old guy.

11. Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong</h
Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Carrot Top (additionally called: Scott Thompson) is a funny symbol recognized for his signature mess of intense orange, curly afro. Although Carrot Top doesn’t confess to having cosmetic surgery on either face or body, his heavily transformed facial look states or else.

His aficionado body could be the outcome of working out (or steroids/ testosterone), yet the comedian’s face is a cause for reports. Botox? Renovations? Nose as well as lip enhancements? Who recognizes? However nobody ages like that: Carrot Top is absolutely not surgery-free.

12. Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Spoiled

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Gone Bad

Axl Rose, frontman of the band Weapons N’ Roses, is a definite symbol worldwide of rock and roll, and also like the majority of superstars, Rose is the subject of many conflicts. One of one of the most prominent problems is about his worst plastic surgery.

Although, it simply feels like the superstar has just aged and gained weight– one of the most that he could’ve done is some Botox shots, but apart from that, Axl Rose doesn’t look that far from his younger self.

13. Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery Failed

Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery Failed

When we speak about Daryl Hannah, the first point that concerns some individuals’s minds is “bungled plastic surgery”. This American starlet went from “blonde elegance” to a “sufferer of a poor plastic surgeon.”

She utilized to look remarkable in her motion pictures: Sprinkle, Blade Jogger, as well as Kill Bill with her tough, tight-lipped look. Yet, a few sessions of possible lip enhancement and also cheek implants led her to age rather ungracefully.

14. Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

This young American starlet admits to having plastic surgery and also confesses to being sorry for having actually done them. Although it does not fairly show on her face, thankfully, Heidi Montag has had numerous procedures done; such as a chin reduction, eyebrow lift, ear enhancement, lipo, and also an extreme breast augmentation that gave her size F breasts.

Consequently, Heidi Montag had them got rid of because of “neck and back pain as well as pain” and also has fortunately stop her nip-tuck addiction.

15. Janice Dickinson Plastic Surgery Failed

Janice Dickinson Plastic Surgery Failed

Janice Dickinson used to be on the covers of Vogue magazine. She was The U.S.A.’s self-proclaimed “initial cover girl” in her youth, however numerous boob jobs, tummy tucks, renovations, liposuction surgeries, and Botox shots made her transformed into a female who lost the battle with aging with fight marks to prove it!

16. Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery Failed

Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery Failed


The 80’s star that played iconic functions in crowd faves such as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and also Dirty Dancing took away her specifying attribute with an unneeded nose job procedure.

Jennifer Grey nose was just one of her exceptional attributes, and she condemns the end of her motion picture career with this nip-tuck blunder. Nonetheless, she proved triumphant in Dancing with the Stars in 2010.

17. Joan Rivers Cosmetic Surgery Failed

Joan Rivers Cosmetic Surgery Failed

Joan Rivers was known for her acting, funny, and hosting occupations. She passed away in 2014 due to cardiac arrest, however before she passed, Rivers also came from the list of celebrities with poor cosmetic surgery.

Her partaking in facelifts, neck lifts, eyelid enhancement, nose surgery, breast enhancement, and also many more treatments wound up with her looking downright unnatural, however she was too consumed with remaining young as well as attractive.

18. Katie Rate Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Katie Cost Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Twenty years of boob jobs might sound like a bad concept however to Katie Price, English TV character as well as glamour design, it was part of life. Along with that, Rate also went under the knife for a nose surgery, lip shots, and also continuous Botox shots.

Currently in her 40’s, Katie Rate has an unnaturally rigid and smooth face, too-plump lips, as well as breasts the dimension of watermelons.

19. Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Disaster

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Disaster

Lil Kim, or Kimberly Denise Jones, climbed to fame with her skill for rap, as well as she has actually made various hit songs along the way. Now in her 40’s, Lil Kim is completely unrecognizable from her debut look.

One of the most noticeable adjustment in her appearance is the extreme bleaching of her whole body, totally various from her natural dark skin that she used to have. Together with that likewise came cheek implants, eye surgery, nose surgery, as well as breast implants. The transformation, she stated, is mostly as a result of clinical depression and low self-worth.

20. Lisa Rinna Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Lisa Rinna Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wrong

Lisa Rinna is known for her duty in Billie Reed and Days of Our Lives. She is an admitted fan of cosmetic surgery and also has undergone extreme work on her lips. In fact, it was so poor that she needed to go through an additional surgical treatment to fix her wrecked lips.

Although she looks very various from her past self, Lisa Rinna doesn’t look that bad, does she?

21. Burt Reynolds Plastic Surgery Nightmare

Burt Reynolds Plastic Surgery Nightmare


Hollywood actor, Burt Reynolds, claimed he inherited his smooth skin from his daddy. Funny just how the Smokey as well as the Outlaw star grew older but wound up with less creases and tighter skin compared to in the past.

Burt Reynolds plastic surgery gone wrong programs indicators of a facelift, eye lift, as well as a nose surgery. His nose form got thinner as well as looked ok for some years, however as he aged, it began warping.

22. Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Failed

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Good-looking Mickey Rourke is an American star as well as retired boxer. Sadly, he eliminated his dashing excellent looks as well as traded it for a face of “plastic surgery headache” with a series of extreme treatments that altered his appearance entirely.

Rumor has it that he’s done a facelift, upper eyelid lift, lip tasks, and hair transplants, among others. Yet wait! In 2014, an article reveals Rourke looking normal once again after reconstructive surgery to correct his previous surgical treatments.

23. Barry Manilow Plastic Surgery Failed

Barry Manilow Plastic Surgery Failed

Barry Manilow made use of to be a house name in the 80s. He is a skilled musician, vocalist, and also songwriter in charge of numerous hits such as Mandy, Cannot Smile Without You, and also Copacabana. Although not excessively modified, Barry Manilow’s face just yells ‘Botox’ with the lack of creases regardless of remaining in his 70s. Possibly a couple of renovations, as well? Not too bad.

24. Wayne Newton Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wrong

Wayne Newton Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wrong

The renowned singer-entertainer Wayne Newton rose to popularity as The Midnight Idol, Mr. Las Vega, as well as Mr. Entertainment. He could have gone simply a little too far with the treatments (eyelid surgery, facelift, Botox) to earn himself look more youthful.

Instead, he is given an unnatural-looking face that is too smooth for a 70-year old, plus uneven eyes that makes him look far from his more youthful self. Wrong call.

25. Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery Failed

 Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery Failed

You’ve seen Nikki Cox in traditional TV shows such as Sadly Ever After, Las Vegas, as well as Nikki. This American starlet was when a complete hottie with lots of possibility. Nevertheless, one wrong transfer to alter her lips damaged her job totally as well as took her from the limelight in an instant.

Aside from the lip task, Cox likewise went through much less harmful treatments such as breast augmentation as well as Botox injections. In the long run, Nikki Cox’ worst plastic surgery tale is among one of the most heartbreaking to date.

26. Pixee Fox Cosmetic Surgery Failed

Pixee Fox Plastic Surgery Failed


Swedish woman Pixee Fox increased to fame due to her dramatic transformation and also excessive cosmetic surgery. Fox declares to be inspired by female cartoon characters such as Jessica Rabbit, as well as is completely stressed with changing her body.

Because 2010, Fox has gone through several rhinoplasty, liposuction surgery, breast augmentation, permanent-makeup, as well as waistline augmentation. Ideally, this young star does not go too far and make irreparable damages.

Did you understand?

On a monthly basis more than 100,000 individuals want to see the in the past after images of worst celeb plastic surgery.
Around 1,706,106 individuals went with cosmetic surgery, in 2015 alone (stats via Nevertheless, not every one of them were performed for aesthetic appeal factors. The cosmetic surgery data consists of other typical surgical procedures such as: pet bite repair service, birth defects, growth removal etc. The expenses of plastic surgery in Korea is almost half comparing to USA.

Star Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Verdict
To conclude, nobody can be best, since perfection is an abstract thing. The idea of beauty as well as excellence is ever-changing, and also for lots of celebs that are continuously in the public eye, it could be hard to stay on top of society’s requirements.

Cosmetic surgery operations are one method stars stay on par with these suitables. However, changing one’s face and also body is serious. As you have just seen, plastic surgery could fail in various ways and also in most cases, the damage is irreparable.

Allow these celebrity sign of things to come be a warning to people out there that are looking for perfection. Nobody could be best, and also as cliché as it seems, charm is as well as will certainly always be in the eye of the observer.

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